Classroom strategies

Reason for strategy
Students terrified of identity theft via web2
Gradual introduction to internet communication via email
Students resist any form of "teaching"
Introduce literacy and learning "by stealth".
Students concerned about recording their voice in public
Make the whole classroom atmosphere into a kind of game.. play acting that you're getting ready for broadcast.
Students need access to learning materials outside of class time, or physical venue / location
Build up a range of resources, eg screencasts, that people can access from a distance
Teacher wants to add some multimedia engagement to the classroom, to accommodate multiple learning styles
Try a number of strategies,
  • from interactive multimedia (eg voicethread),
  • to a voiceboard (eg voxopop)
  • to flash animation
  • to voice files in a wiki
Students are geographically distributed.. and need a way to keep in touch with the classroom network, eg for workplace experience reporting
Use a blogging system for students to send in their reports from the workplace