The researchers

4xR=research(accessace).gifThe wonderful researchers in the AccessACE research circles network:
  • Ann Hardingham, CAE
  • Andrea Coghlan, Southern Metro Region
  • Ann Sullivan, Beaufort Community House and Learning Centre
  • Chiemi Jardine, Farnham Street Neighbourhood House
  • Dale Pobega, Duke Street community house
  • Graham Booth, Best Community Development
  • Junita Lyon, Community College East Gippsland
  • Kathryn Matthews, Mt Eliza Village Neighbourhood Centre Inc.

Learner group
Blended learning design
Link to action plan
Ann Hardingham
VCAL / youth
Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL)
Adobe Creative Suite, video, on-screen magazines and more
"Literacy by stealth"
Ann Hardingham
Andrea Coghlan
Southern Metro Region, Dingley Village Neighbourhood House

Wikispaces, (the ACFE label)
Give students access to resources outside of workshop times.
Andrea Coghlan
Dale Pobega
Duke Street community house
English as a second language (ESL)
Certificate of Spoken and Written English (CSWE)
Blogs, voiceboards, embedded multimedia.
a multimedia circus in the classroom. Publish to the world.
Dale Pobega
Graham Booth
Best Community Development
Remote learners in the community
Various information and communicative technologies (ICT)
Video screencast, google forms
Enable people to connect and learn from distant locations.
Graham Booth
Kathryn Matthews
Mt Eliza Village Neighbourhood Centre Inc.
Extreme beginners, literacy learners
information and communicative technologies (ICT)
Range of web2 technologies, including blog, facebook, group email list.
Gradually overcome fears in the classroom.
Kathryn Matthews