This page is all about the learning purpose: yes there are thousands of gadgets and softwares, but why would you want to use any tool or technology?

Purpose for learning

There's a good resource on this topic over on the "e-learning on a Shoestring" site on the Australian Flexible Learning Framework (Framework). On the "Tools, uses and software" page.

light_end_tunnel_3000884446_ae32b8b130_o.jpgStep one: list a range of learning activities.
Two: list some tools and technologies, gadgets or software.
Three: match technology with learning purpose..

Hm, some learning activities first:

Conversation, reflection, debate, interview
evaluation, testing, assessment,

Whoops i need help on this one.. anyone care to add your 2$ worth?

Next the technologies:


mobile phone, laptop, photocopier, GPS,


office suite, word processor, spreadsheet, web browser, discussion forum, presentation slide creator, animation generator, quiz generator, collaborative authoring environment, wiki, blog, microblogging tool or environment,

brand names and buzzwords:

iPhone, voxopop, tafeVC, blogger, edublogs, twitter,