Kathryn at Mt Eliza

This Wordle is one that we use often to remind us all of a typical learning experience.
"Everything Is Difficult" in red signifies the learning barriers we have.
"Until It Is Easy" in green signifies the breaking down of the barriers.

Problem or question:

Can simplifying IT technologies lead to an engaging, enjoyable and satisfying lifelong learning experience.

Course and learners:

Course: Basic Beginners Computers Learners: Adult Learners with a mental illness and Mature aged learners

Classroom strategies

1. Enhance effectiveness and quality of learning of participants and staff through simplifying basic IT technologies to develop/expand basic IT skills and interaction with social networking tools.
2. An interactive google site.
3. Use of projector for demonstration.
4. iPod & recorder for developing audio
5. Video Recorder 6. Use of social media to stay connected.
7. Pulse pen for recording of core session topics and homework tasks.
8. Mobile phone transferring data to and from phone to computer


Google Sites, voxopop, emailing, digital storytelling, Microsoft Office, wordle, video camera, iPod, the internet, blogging, mobile phone to computer technologies, ning.

Connection with 2007 research

Responding more effectively to the learner needs of disadvantaged groups.
Supporting, engaging and retaining learners.

Data to gather

Evidence of emailing, presentations, wordles, voxopop threads, digital stories, student surveys, video and audio productions, interaction on google site.

Evaluation strategy

Evidence from learning activities showing confidence and competency with technologies and equipment. Documented oral and written examination. Participant feedback.

Connection with one of the 4 R's

Retention -
Results -
Reach -

Recruiting -