Insights from the investigations into classroom practice



  • Learning in small chunks is best for engagement! Make sure people don't get overwhelmed. "Don't build a Taj Mahal around it".
  • Students can relish the opportunity to save time by studying in their workplace.. but it's not for everyone. Some people need the face-to-face connection too.
  • It's important to know your learners, their styles and strengths.
  • Its important to break down learner's previous ingrained learning barriers and fears.
  • Some students will just love working with the technology you give them, and get a sense of inspiration from the "newness" and the possibilities.
  • Team teach; involve the learner so that they are instructing someone else.

Preparing for e-learning!

  • The skill of the teacher in hunting out resources is key.
  • Preparation with notes, visuals, auditory - find as much relevant multimedia as you can!
  • Something that should only take a minute to do.. never does!
  • Sometimes good ideas happen spontaneously. Lesson plans drafted "on the fly" can be re-edited and re-worked after student feedback!
  • Allow the learners to be the instructors and give them an e-learning tool (eg give them. a camera, and let their creativity fly)
  • Re-assess everything.. always! Try new things, new approaches.

Working with technology

  • Don't assume that because it didn't work before, it doesn't work. Be prepared to change your approach.
  • Building up technology in very small bites, small steps. Laptops in the classroom make things easier. Try a single activity, eg a voxopop entry for only 10 minutes, then come back to tech-free learning. This can have a "naturalising effect".
  • When technology is involved, you'll need backup plans.

Building a network?

  • Colleagues are gradually getting on board with the whole e-learning experience.
  • A sense through the ACE e-learning network, that more and more people are getting involved.
  • Like many projects it is the die-hards who keep coming back (is this insight or pessimism?)

Slide from the group brainstorm session:

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Next brainstorm:

  • Plus: Benefits to individuals and organisations..?
  • Wishes for the future
  • Where to next year?

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