AccessACE Classroom Practice Research Circle

aka the AccessACE circles of professional practice.

Coming up - celebration day!

AccessACE-celebration-day-27nov09.jpgBig get-together showcase day: 27th November, at the Multicultural Hub, Melbourne.. opposite Victoria Market. A day for
  • celebrating what you've achieved,
  • sharing the insights you've gained, and
  • putting our heads together to focus on ideas and solutions for the future of e-learning in ACE.
Here's the printable invitation (pdf file): external image pdf.png AccessACE - celebration - invitation 27nov09 .pdf ..and the agenda for the day too (rtf file, eg word):

Original purpose for the projects

Following the AccessACE research of 2007-8, the Victorian Adult Community and Further Education (ACFE) Board decided to foster a stronger sense of networking amongst practitioners. So here we are .. a circle of people engaged in investigating our professional practice together. Practitioners in Victorian Adult Community Education (ACE) who aim to improve our teaching practice through implementing e-learning in clever and accessible ways.

Communication tools

To complement the ACE Network Ning social networking environment.. this wiki is a place we can
  • store and share resources
  • create knowledge together
  • present our knowledge to the world ..

connect around research

From the induction day:

Slide presentation about communication tools, which now should have an audio track too.

(or take the audio as a separate file - communication-tools(accessace).mp3)
Plus: "Tools for communication": document for discussion:

Connect via technology

This site is still mostly an empty shell .. but before too long, it'll be full of exciting goodies.

Here's a link to the classroom practice group on the ACE Network Ning place.

the 4 R's

People on the journey

  • Ann Hardingham , CAE
  • Andrea Coghlan, Southern Metro Region
  • Ann Sullivan, Beaufort Community House and Learning Centre
  • Chiemi Jardine, Farnham Street Neighbourhood House
  • Dale Pobega , Duke Street community house
  • Graham Booth , Best Community Development
  • Helene Rooks, Morrison House
  • Isabella Di Mattia, St Kilda Youth Service
  • Junita Lyon, Community College East Gippsland
  • Kathryn Matthews , Mt Eliza Village Neighbourhood Centre Inc.
  • Maria Patane, AMES
  • Vicki Griffiths / Sandra Newman, Continuing Education Bendigo Ltd

Related sites:

Victorian ACE e-learning showcase in March2009, with Delia Bradshaw and Michael Coghlan as keynote speakers.
Here's Delia's keynote to the conference, "The Power of e", also recently published in the Valbec Journal Fine Print .