Graham Booth, at BEST, Ballarat

Problem or question

Create an online delivery model for Office 2007 suite of programs.
A typical webpage from the online courses

Course and learners

Office 2007 (Initially Word 2007 and excel 2007) in Intro, Intermediate and Advanced for participants who are unable to attend regular classes due to distance and/or time restraints

Classroom strategies

Develop webpage with links to videos of procedures for various tasks in Word 2007 and Excel 2007. Develop a series of documents that can be emailed to participants to complete tasks.


Type of technology
Example / brand
Record videos using screen capture software
Host videos
on YouTube
Build web pages to contain video screencasts
Trellian WebPage
Communicate with learners
Gmail account to keep completed tasks

Here is an example of Graham's screencasting work.

Connection with 2007 research

Data to gather
part of the satisfaction survey created in Google Forms

Emails from participants after each lesson in the course with feedback and completed tasks attached
Google Form responses in Google Spreadsheet

Evaluation strategy

Written evaluation after completion of course by each participant, request with completion of last task and sending of certificate. Completion of Evaluation form after lesson 12 in each course

Connection with one of the 4 R's

It is extending the reach to clients we can’t currently service form the training room in Ballarat and by recruiting them be able to offer further training in computers or other courses at BESTCD. Results will be collated by numbers and fees collected. By offering this option for training we hope to increase the retention of learners not suited to traditional computer training in our current training room.


Written reports with evaluations from Participants
Evaluation of Responses in Google Spreadsheet