Reasons to connect

Day 58-365 by martianmermaid at flickr
To build strong and sustainable network connections amongst e-learning practitioners in ACE, and support each other in our classroom research:

Overview: Regular sessions for connecting: including live conference, blog reflection, and forum discussion.
Stage 1: Get comfortable: make sure we can use all the tools and technologies. Get to know each other a bit.
Stage 2: Focussed Discussion around selected topics, drawing on expertise and experience of people within the group.
Stage 3: Extended Group Networking: different people take charge of facilitating live events, set goals and directions.
Stage 4: Knowledge-Building: collaborate to present our knowledge to the world.

Ways to connect: "processes of networking"

Live (real time) sessions could include:

  1. Semi-structured "show and tell" - so we can learn from each other,
  2. Discussion of issues, problem-solving, goal-setting etc (a loose agenda),
  3. Demonstrations of software, using "shared desktop",
This could be a session in elluminate or skype.

Individual "blog" posting could reflect on:

  • Follow up to a live session - reflection on issues raised,
  • Activities in your classroom,
  • Research / review some software or web apps. Eg compare 2 screen-casting apps.

image and photo credits: licensed under creative commons at flickr: Thanks very much: //martianmermaid// .