Ann at the CAE

Music from the VCAL students

Problem or question

  • Engaging the VCAL learner in the worldwide issues – body image.

Course and Learners

  • VCAL Foundation, Intermediate and Senior students

Classroom strategies

To engage the VCAL learner, a range of classroom strategies will be applied. These include:
  • Active: The learner will be encouraged to explore outside the classroom and record findings using digital media
  • Visual: To record thoughts through visual expression using software applications
  • Reflective / Intrapersonal:: The learner will be encourage to reflective on their skills and learning outcomes
  • Experimental: Each learner will be encouraged to experiment with software & technology to express an idea
  • Auditory: The use of auditory skills to analyse and record information.
Collaborative skills will be encouraged from the learner to extend selected themes and explore suitable software best suited to the task.


  • Adobe suite – Flash, Indesign, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, InDesign
  • Microsoft Office - Word 2007, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Movie Maker, Audacity
  • Blognow, PB Wiki

Connection with 2007 research

  • To investigate, extend and encourage e-learning with the classroom environment.

Data to gather

  • The VCAL learner will be researching the theme 'Body Image' in Personal Development Skills (PDS). Topics will range from Self-esteem, communication, media, body image, health. Background material will be required to assist the development of the topics.
  • Preparation for the use of the software in the classroom - class notes, links to resources, software applications
  • Investigate trainer practices - encourage engagement, acknowledge experiences
  • Information into the learner's computer literacy - evaluation, personal assessment
  • Research Issues and Challenges - Social e-learning by Anne Bartlett-Bragg; Tools; Strategies

Evaluation strategy

  • Practical use of the software; publication of the website; demonstration of animation; learner evaluation of skills.

Connection with one of the 4 R's

  • Reach: to focus on the learners who need the most assistance and develop programs that will appeal to those focus group e.g Foundation learners in the 16 -18 year old bracket who left school before reaching Year 7 or Year 8.
  • Retention: to maintain the enrolments of learners at Intermediate level who are continuing their study in VCE and VET courses.
  • Results: with the integrating the units across VCE and VET results can be maintain and be satisfying to the learner
  • Recruiting: with the use of e-learning incorporating the Cert II Creative Industries (Media) will be of benefit to recuit and extend the learning.


  • Class exercises using Flash and Fireworks; production of a final animated piece
  • Production of a website using Dreamweaver (four pages which link)
  • Skill in creating a sequence
  • Demonstration in the use of computer - saving and retrival of documents
  • Application of software effects - Photoshop

Use the link below to view samples from the VCAL class