Andrea at the Southern Metro Region of ACFE

Problem or question

Engaging learners from all walks of life, but particularly I.T. related tutors and students, to use and participate in wiki's.

Course and learners

No one particular course. This was an experiment with all learners in Internet & E-Mail classes, Next Steps and also with a community singing group who are made up of predominantly retired and older people. I also presented some workshops to E.S.L & VCAL tutors to show them ways to interact with their students in a fun and interesting way.

Classroom strategies

Finding points of interest relevant to the different age groups to encourage them and show them how they would find it useful. Also showing them that they could easily achieve/create their own wiki. Demonstrating using animated gifs, etc to make the sites look interesting. Linking to YouTube & teacher tube.


Computers, internet, animated gifs to enhance the sites, handouts and a practice wiki.

Connection with 2007 research

In 2007 I failed to generate interest with the youth groups and older generation. This time I had to re-think my approach and change my attitude - I had to develop a belief in what I was doing that wasn't present in 2007.

Data / valuation strategy

Evidence of work on the wikis.


Success of ongoing singing group wiki as well as the ongoing use of the practice wiki with the above mentioned classroom groups.